What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

In addition to the cardiovascular system circulating blood through our bodies, we also have a second circulating system: the lymph vessel system. This system’s role is to remove excess fluid, bacteria, viruses, and waste from body tissues and the space around the cells. Most of the tissue fluids return to the heart via the veins. The rest (about 2 litres/day) is transported back to the blood stream via lymphatic vessels.

Sometimes, lymph gets trapped in tissues due to the abnormal circulation of the lymphatic system, causing swelling to occur in a condition known as lymphedema. This is most commonly seen in the arms and legs, but may also occur in the face, neck, chest, breast, abdomen, or groin.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of specialized massage that uses gentle, surface-level rhythmic motions to help release excess lymph from the tissues in which it is trapped. This facilitates the return of lymph to the lymph nodes and the blood stream.

This treatment is beneficial for those who have lymphedema, circulatory issues, chronic joint pain and swelling, and/or who are recovering from surgeries or medical procedures that have affected the lymphatic system.

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