Hello Summer!

With the onset of summer sports, family vacations, beach trips, and afternoons spent in the garden or poolside (or pool-in), it’s important to keep your body in good condition so that you can enjoy the summer you’ve been waiting all winter for! Here are just a couple of ways to take care of yourself this summer:

1. Stretch before every sports meet or physically demanding activities to prevent muscle strain and injury.
2. Stay hydrated. This helps regulate body temperature and keep everything in working order.
3. Wear sunscreen when going outside. This prevents the pain and fatigue that come with sunburns, and, in more extreme cases, the fatigue and nausea that can come with sunstroke.
4. Get a good night’s sleep. Even though it’s summer and it’s more tempting to stay out late, it’s important to get enough sleep to allow time for your body to rest and heal from summer activities.
5. Come see us for a tune-up. If you tweaked, pulled, or hurt something, don’t be afraid to pay us a visit. We’ll help you get back into the swing of things!

To book appointments, visit the online booking page to set one up, or give us a call at 905-383-9727. Your body will thank you!